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Getting out of the office to have a meeting can do wonders for breaking up your workday, and meetings with colleagues, clients and prospective clients in a different environment brings a fresh approach. Being stuck in the office all day is no one’s idea of fun.


Make it a new year’s resolution to try and get out of the office more for your meetings and lunch break. No more eating your lunch over your computer at your desk. I see you.. and you know who you are!


The Brit is open for business, and we have a light, airy courtyard with plenty of natural light that is the perfect spot for a work meeting, having a business lunch with colleagues or just a great place to take some time out of your day. We will have you in and out and heading back to the office in an hour,  feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of your day.


Open daily from 11 am and serving coffee and delicious eats from 12 pm, our courtyard can be the perfect getaway from the daily office grind. Bookings welcome but not essential.


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