Getting out of the office for a lunch break is something that most of us strive to do but don’t always achieve. Getting out and about is not only a good way to clear the head, but also a great chance to catch up with colleagues or friends, and to step away from deadlines for a short time.


Mad March is fast approaching, and with so many events on and things to do, it can be a little hectic to organise a casual catch up with friends, not to mention trying to find a park in the city at this time of year! At The Britannia Hotel in Norwood, we have a vast selection of things on our menu to pick and choose from, so we are the perfect city-fringe spot for a Friday or Saturday night dinner with friends away from the hustle bustle of Mad March events.


Mad March is nearly upon us and one of the first events on the calendar to look forward to is the Adelaide 500 car races in Victoria Park. If you are attending the races, we have the goods to fuel you up for a big day of action-packed fun at the cars.   Serving breakfast daily to keep you fuelled up and raring to go.


Pleasing the whole family when you go out for a meal can be a mission! Everyone wants something different, and while the kids might be after schnitzel and chips, or pizza, and the hubby wants a decent steak and a glass of Shiraz, you might be after something a bit lighter and more refreshing.


Summer Holidays need not be stressful, once the hectic Christmas and end of year wind down are over, January is the month to kick back and take it a little bit slower. And if you are one of the lucky ones that have most of January off even better.


Thursday is that day of the week when you are nearly at Friday, but not quite. You can already taste the weekend vibes, but you just need to push through one more day of work…. And cooking, especially as we head toward the end of the year can be the last thing on your mind….


There is always room for a classic pub meal and we have you covered there as well. Mouthwatering beef burgers and steaks cooked to perfection with your choice of sides. We have schnitzel specials Wednesday night at $12 for chicken or beef with sauces. T-bone or porterhouse steak on special Thursday’s with a glass of wine or a beer for $22, and Whiting on Fridays for $18, cooked just the way you want.