Hotel front bars are an Australian institution as much as watching the cricket in summer and throwing a snag or two on the BBQ. Front bars in hotels and pubs across Australia have been a meeting point for locals, sports fanatics, and die-hard beer lovers for generations. They are the place you go to escape the trials of the day, to try your luck at winning a meat tray, and a place to chat with your mates.  


Getting out of the office for a lunch break is something that most of us strive to do but don’t always achieve. Getting out and about is not only a good way to clear the head, but also a great chance to catch up with colleagues or friends, and to step away from deadlines for a short time.


As the days start to shorten and the nights get a tad colder, many of us want to run and hide under the dooner cover and not come out ‘til summer. It’s cold, wet, and there’s not enough daylight to keep us entertained. We long for beach cocktails, warm breezes, and long summer nights as we fall asleep each night. Once you’ve woken from the dreaming of summer slumber, there are many wonderful things to do in and around Adelaide during the Autumn and Winter months, and here are our TOP FIVE.


Heading out to enjoy a night with friends or family should be a fun and relaxing affair, you are after all heading out to take the stress out of cooking, to catch up with mates or to celebrate a special occasion. Having great food and beverages is a must to enjoying yourself when you are out and about but there is an element that is far more important to have a great experience, and that is having excellent customer service in a venue you choose to visit.


Mums, they have the power to know just what to say at the right time. They always have your back, and they are always cheering you on from the sidelines in whatever you do in life. And are also the first to pull you up if you are not on the right track.


As Australian’s, we love our footy. There is nothing better than heading to the local pub, ordering a frothy beer and watching the footy whilst you catch up with mates. Footy season has swung around again with a smash, and at Britannia Norwood, we have footy fever.   It’s probably one of our favourite times of the year, and even though it means the weather is soon to cool down, we are ready for jumpers, beers with mates and hearty food. Sure, we love summer too, but there is nothing quite like footy season to warm you up.


Picking a venue for that all important office gathering or a perfect spot for a private dinner or event can be a bit daunting. Finding the right space, with the right menu, and at the right price with so many options can often be a daunting task. So we’ve pulled together our top tips for picking that perfect venue to suit your needs.


Mad March is fast approaching, and with so many events on and things to do, it can be a little hectic to organise a casual catch up with friends, not to mention trying to find a park in the city at this time of year! At The Britannia Hotel in Norwood, we have a vast selection of things on our menu to pick and choose from, so we are the perfect city-fringe spot for a Friday or Saturday night dinner with friends away from the hustle bustle of Mad March events.


Adelaide 500 is coming, and we are getting ready for a big weekend of motorsport action to kick off the Mad March season of festivities. Britannia Hotel is situated right next to the track, so we have pole position for a quick escape from all the race day action. Be sure to get out of the heat with your mates and grab a cold one in the sports bar, or check out our newly renovated courtyard area.