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Hotel front bars are an Australian institution as much as watching the cricket in summer and throwing a snag or two on the BBQ. Front bars in hotels and pubs across Australia have been a meeting point for locals, sports fanatics, and die-hard beer lovers for generations. They are the place you go to escape the trials of the day, to try your luck at winning a meat tray, and a place to chat with your mates.


In this age of technology, our busy lives are jam-packed with engagements and to-do lists, and the humble front bar offers an escape from the everyday.  As our lives zip by we need to actively take the time to stop, catch up with our mates to talk about life, the universe, and who barracks for the best football team!


The front bar offers this place for many Australian’s, and they are a home away from home. They’re a place to go when you are home alone or when the family is away, and a place to reconnect and take a load off after a hard day.


They really are more than just a bar!


So, if it’s been a while since you’ve downed a pint or two in a front bar and you’re long overdue, head on down and check us out.


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