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Picking a venue for that all important office gathering or a perfect spot for a private dinner or event can be a bit daunting. Finding the right space, with the right menu, and at the right price with so many options can often be a daunting task. So we’ve pulled together our top tips for picking that perfect venue to suit your needs.


Location is everything. If you are holding a corporate event or function, is the venue near to your offices or the hotel that delegates are staying in? If guests are travelling from home or interstate, don’t forget to factor in traffic time it might take people to get to and from the venue.


Does the venue have parking on site and is it well lit at night for guests who are leaving evening functions? A lot of inner city venues don’t have parking on site. So sometimes picking city fringe locations can suit your needs better, and give you have peace of mind that all your guests can get home safely and don’t have to pay too much for parking.

Capacity/ Amenities

Pick a venue that fits your group well. Not too big and not too small. Will it be really loud when the room is full? Does it have easy access to bathrooms, bar, food and car parking? All these things should factor into your decision making. Can they cater to your needs?


Pay particular attention to this one. Is it somewhere with natural light and a space that feels good? Often rooms or spaces with natural light help keep an event fresh and bright. Dull rooms with no windows are not going to inspire anyone.

Price and offering

Is the venue willing to work with you on menus and drinks lists, etc.? This is a big one, and it comes down to negotiation and finding the right fit for you. Don’t be afraid to ask to change the canape options or sub out a wine varietal. Most venues will be happy to assist and should be transparent and open about how much everything will cost up front, and when payment deadlines are required.


We hope these tips help you pick the perfect venue for your next event.


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