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There is something about a good old fashion pub meal that keeps you coming back, and one of the best pub dishes going around, an Aussie institution, is a good Schnitzel.


As Australian’s we love them. They’re a staple of most Aussie pubs’ menus, and although many aspire to perfection, not everyone gets it right for quality, price and sides.


We think a good Schnitzel is a generous size, but not too big. A decent piece of meat to start with, a good crumb, and fresh oil, so it’s nice and crisp on the outside and packs a flavour punch on the inside. The schnitzel is the hero of the dish, so it’s the most crucial element to get right.


But sides are important too, almost as much as the schnitzel itself. We believe the chips should be on the side, not underneath. No place for soggy chips here! And salad, well it needs to be fresh, delicious and light.


We take a lot of pride in bringing you a great schnitzel seven days a week. Our schnitzels are fresh, fast, perfectly cooked, and every Wednesday is schnitzel day, Chicken or Beef $12 for lunch and dinner. So next time you get that craving for a delicious schnitzel, stop by and check us out.


And do let us know what you think makes the perfect schnitzel, we’d love to hear your thoughts?


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